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Great job. I think the biggest problem is the deep passing game over the top is not working, so teams can cheat up towards the LOS.


couple plays there where he definitely should have kept that would have avoided costly negative plays. I agree they exaggerated things on the telecast. I also think Kelly's playcalling became too conservative after the fumble. They only really moved the ball when Barkley was cutting it loose and throwing.

dan in philly

The problem as I see it is terrible QB play over the past 2 weeks. Still don't understand Foles but MB being terrible is not that suprising.


Fully agree Anders. Most of those plays look like single high man coverage with 8 in the box and 10 on the LOS. If you can't pass you aren't going to get beat in this league, just ask the Vikings. I think we do need to cut the analysts some slack though. I actually thought Moose was better than most this game. We are all susceptible to confirmation bias, and in the flow of a game there isn't a lot of room to check yourself. After I saw the Tuck play (where Barkley clearly should have kept it), I have to admit I was looking to see if he should have been keeping it more.


I was annoyed by the commentary as well. It's reassuring to see that Barkley didn't have the acres of yardage that Moose implied. Just as blogs like this have raised the discourse and improved standard print journalism in sports, I hope that a similar improvement will occur in live broadcast.


Great breakdown of the plays and they make great points. BUT...I think the one simple thing that people forget is that Barkley was the ONLY quarterback left on that sideline. Why run him on a keeper and risk him getting knocked out of the game?

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