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dan in philly

No excuse for how bad Foles was. No explination either. It's like the clock struck midnight and his magical carriage turned into a pumpkin.
Maybe Vick slipped him a micky before the game??


As Foles said in the joint PC they love each other. Vick plays bad so Foles can get a shot and Foles is just returning the favor!


Give him a chance. Vick beat a Medicare Redskin Team and a winless Giants team. Big friggin deal. I would start Foles any game of the week. I'm sure Vick is wetting his lips for another chance to play against the winless Giants again. They will never beat a winning team. Their the Eagles.




no qb? no problem. does chip run the wildcat much? screens on both sides. direct snap to mccoy with numbers advantage and lots of space to run. or put vick in motion if safety comes down and snap to vick to run a regular play. dunno.


I know QB's can't have perfect days, but your narrative about Nick being nervous has perked my ears up this week. However, the teams performance the past few weeks (Vikings game excluded) has tempered my concerns.

Hatcher, Lee and Selvie seemed to really disrupt the run game. I know Lee looks to be out for the game Sunday, but what can be done about Hatcher and Selvie? Are they too athletic for our athletic line?

I expect there to be some nerves again for Nick, but I also expect him to settle in and make the plays he's made the majority of the season. The plays will be there to be made. As you noted, Dallas didn't have some superior scheme against the Birds first time out. Nick left a lot of plays on the Linc that game, and I don't expect him to do that again. Can't wait til Sunday night!

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