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just so long as foles brings his A game against the cowboys, i'm happy.


Yeah my sentiment was similar that this was a pretty uneven performance, but I chalked it up to facing a tougher defense. It felt like once the middle of the 3rd quarter rolled around the Cardinals were really clamping down in coverage and Nick was trying to force things. Typical young QB problem, I'll only be worried if he keeps doing it moving forward. The Cardinals D is probably the best defense we'll face until Seattle in the NFC championship game of course (which we'll lose, because Seattle's D is absurd at home).

There was some suggestion that a couple of those innaccurate throws around the time Riley Cooper made his sensational catch might have been because he hurt his shoulder. That came right after he got planted by the Cardinals on that blitz. Could be, can't really explain why he was suddenly off.

I have a question about the deep shot to Desean. I don't have the benefit of the all 22, but I remember watching it live thinking Nick was late going over the top because pressure forced him to move in the pocket before he could let it go. Obviously that was conjecture because I couldn't see the route developing, but did DSJ have a step on Peterson and Foles was just late getting him the ball? Or was coverage tight and Nick just made a poor decision throwing it?

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