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The question is: was this an off day, or are these types of misses indicative of something to be very concerned about going forward? He has had many notable inaccurate plays going back games as well.


A big missed throw was the sideline pass to Cooper where Cooper had a step and good position, but Foles put it too far outside.


I agree that Foles had a bad game. I also think he should have thrown for 600 yards.

I'm insane too.


I wonder though. I mean we have the benefit of looking at the all-22 these days but.. I'd like to look at some other all-22's. I mean 65% completion is generally considered pretty darned good. You have weeks were Brees, Brady, and Manning (peyton) all have incompletions and not ALL of said incompletions are great plays by the defense. They miss people too. I agree Foles missed some people, but which week about which QB can we say that they didn't "miss" anyone? I'd love to see the same breakdown for those QB's on an off day as a baseline comparison.

Peyton was 27/41 vs the vaunted San Diego defense. Methinks all 14 of those incompletions weren't batted down by defenders.

So are we looking for Foles to make plays? OR are we looking for Foles to make EVERY play? This loss is squarely on the defense and special teams, specifically the inability to kick it through the endzone by Henery.

Basically I want people to pump the breaks a little bit here. QB's around the league miss open guys every week, even good ones. Our guy isn't immune from that.


The encouraging things are 1) that the Eagles' scheme was working to get the wideouts open downfield, and 2) that Foles was making the correct reads. Reminds me of the first Cowboys game - I wonder if Foles has a nagging injury or a problem with his mechanics that pops up occasionally.


Stephen brings up a good point about the All-22 availability to the public and our expectations. Yet, I see the point C-Dub is making, that I felt during the game. Some of the disappointment is situational, and brought back feelings of when watching McNabb miss guys...it also brought back the feelings from the Cowboys game earlier.

No, every QB can't make every throw, but the misses (with a clean pocket) do raise some eyebrows.

I've reminded myself time and time again during last weeks game that I need to temper my expectations for this team...especially Foles. He's been playing great, but I remind myself 2nd year player, not even a full season of starting.

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