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dan in philly

I think what Foles does well he does so well it looks ridiculously easy. It might be why he sometimes is a bit taken for granted, you figure anyone can do what he does well, and if only he could do a few other things well in addition.... Like run, improvise, etc. But that seems to be missing the basic point.
Protecting the ball better than anyone in history, check. Not having passes batter down better than 90% of starting QBs, check. Making superior pre snap reads. Anticipating receivers. Play fakes, pump fakes, mesh fakes.
I think he might he the real deal.


DiP, Good points about Foles. I have taken him for granted, and have not accounted for his learning curve either. He's a second year player who has even started a full season yet!

All the things you mentioned I am grateful for about him. He has some functional mobility and is pretty good making throws on the run.

Thanks again C-Dub...I didn't see the Polk wheel route catch (heard it on the radio) but it sounded like he almost broke that for a TD.

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