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Awesome job with the screen play. I was especially irriated after reading all week how good Dallas has played the screen. Just goes to show that Chip is smarter than I am.


Yes I was also groaning on that first play. I was like here comes the screen but didn't know there was a 3rd option... Could u show us what happened on the brad Smith play, it looked like a good play and o think brad missed his throw...



It looked to me, on only the initial viewing, that the first option on the Brad Smith play was going to be a throw back to Foles. Anybody else see that? He had a window for Ertz too, but that's a throw even NFL starting QBs are challenged to make.

In general, I'm not feeling the Brad Smith run/pass plays near the goal line. Give me Foles or Shady/Polk/Brown down there. Shoot, give me Vick...wait I take that back :-)

I ain't mad a Chip about it though. He sees something we can exploit. The Brad Smith plays just don't seem as crisp or as well executed...from my perspective.

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