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I actually suggested using Vick as the burn out the clock QB over on Tommy's blog.

If we know we are going to run on every play, having a more dynamic QB only makes sense and Vick would really be able to get some nice gains on some of those keepers.


Yeah, I am not sure about a whole drive with Vick. Again, I think the situation is key. If it's 3rd and 2, Vick is simply the better option if you are going to go with a running play. Whether it is a read-option or traditional running play. He can hand the ball off.


So Vick becomes your closer, like Mariano Rivera. I like it. We can afford the injury risk, and Vick's toughness becomes a major asset.


I like the idea, but I'd put it off for a few weeks to make sure Vick is actually at 100% health.

Dan in Philly


Instead, sign or draft an Albert Morris type of guy. He doesn't have to turn into ALBERT MORRIS, but he can be a drive, power kind of guy, who can turn a 2 yard gain into a 4 yard gain. Shady's a turn a 2 yard gain into either a 15 yard gain or a 2 yard loss - not what we need in the way Chip's trying to salt away games.


We actually tried this with Vick. It was Week 1, against Washington. And it had about as much success as Week 11 with Foles. The Redskins got right back in the game.

I'm pretty sure the QB is not the problem.


Vick *might* make it to the marker on 3rd and 2 if he puts a move on, but Washington was going to be there to meet the QB at the LOS no matter what. Cardinals were selling out to stop IZR and that's exactly what they got.


@BlindChow and @ZT6 got it right....when they sell out on the Inside Zone Read and have a spy, it wouldn't matter if its Vick or Foles.

Plus what about the idea of Vick coming in cold, having to make a decision in a high pressure situation, against a formidable defense...isn't that increasing the chances of something bad (turnover) happening?


I think people make some good arguments. To be clear, I think things have gotten a little blown out of proportion. I am not proposing Vick as the closer, to come in for a full series to bleed the clock. I am just suggesting that if Kelly continues to use the Inside Zone Read specifically in short yardage or bleed the clock situations, Vick gives him a better option in those situations. So Foles gets 1st and 10, 2nd and 6 but if we find ourselves in a 3rd and 2 and you want to call the inside zone read...why not put Vick in occassionaly for SOME of them? Teams have to respect Vick more than Foles on the backside. Does that force the backside DE to stay a little more honest opening a larger hole for McCoy? If Vick chooses to keep, does he have a better chance than Foles to make a guy miss in the open field?

Anyway, Nick has gained some yards keeping on the inside zone read, especially late in games. I just feel we've just about used that quota up. On a crucial play on Sunday the Cards were waiting for it, and stopped Nick easily. I think we will see more of that down the stretch.

I'll try and write another post on this later with some illustrations to explain my point of view.

Jimmy Wilson

No you stay with one Qb the future just may not be Foles it may be Marcus Mariota at least under kelly but that's another story. I personally don't think Vick would've gotten to the marker if he was in because as you said the LB spied Foles on the scrape however if Vick was in the LB would've crashed knowing that Vick could outrun him from a standstill. These are the sacrifices that you have with Foles more dynamic passing but you lose the big plays from the read option. In Short yardage situations Philly may have to go to more to 4 receiver sets to spread out defenses that play a ton of man to man.

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