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I don't know how the defense didn't pinch the A gaps on all those short yardage plays. I'd rather the saints audible and potentially have the RB beat us than Brees sneak for 3 yards each time. And commit 8 in the box to blitz and sell out for the run up the middle. Heck, line up in goal line formation there, 3-4 seems horrible in this situation. The Saints are pretty much in their offensive goal line formation


Tough to see that again...is Logan really geared for NT? Maybe he's really more of a DE in the 3-4. I'm not an expert but wondering out loud. Seems like we need a massive 330+ NT that eats up blocks and holds the point. They're not easy to find, but we need someone like that. Logan may be a good pass rushing NT, but holding the line may not be his strength...yet :-)


I like Logan a lot and personally think he is a versatile player who can play end or nose tackle in the 3-4. He would be best at nt on passing downs admittedly so IMO just getting a big body with potential for run downs may work, but one could say they tried that already with soapoaga. Logan will be a crucial piece of this defense tho despite the fact that he played like a rookie in a big game, if you look at a few of those pictures he was way too high before the snap and made it way too easy for them to beat him...maybe he was gassed, nervous, who knows but I bet you wont see it next year from him.

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